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The Classifications and Materials of Wedding Dresses

1. Classification

a. minimalist

The most minimalist lines often can show the character of the wearer. And how to use simple lines to highlight our advantages are a great knowledge minimalist. exquisite tailoring and materials slap-up is an advantage. This may reflect the quality wedding dresses and high quality that will make the wedding unique. This kind of wedding dress is an independent girl.

b. Romantic

When we talk about marriage, we immediately think of the word "romantic" and creates a natural marriage with a romantic style?
hollow lace decorated with tiny folds flower transparent, multi-level loose skirt, followed veil and so on, is the perfect embodiment of the romantic bridal style. It is for girls with a strong cultural temperament.

c. lovely

True, the ornate style always gives us a bright spot, but the noble temperament temperament need to consider these basic principles glorious magnificent style. with beautiful hand embroidery Complicated would suit a bride from a good family hand-stitched.

d. Classical

It is the most common wedding dress instead of the right, even the simplest ingredients can reveal the perfect beauty of the bride.

2. Material

Currently, bridal fabrics including satin, thick satin, bright satin, lace, crystal yarn, organza, wire mesh and so on. Meanwhile, the same fabric is divided into domestic and imported products. In addition, imported fabrics are divided into Europe and Japan and Korea. Of course, different materials also specify different quality and price of the dress!

For a number of children dress, the concept of "layer" is very important. Recommendation: when you select a series of wire, if money is not a big deal for you, choose one that has less than four layers. Because, with fewer layers, dresses will be dry, dull, soft, and may not reflect a feeling of lightness, romance and fantasy.

If you choose satin wedding dress series, imported thick satin common layer with a layer of aligned can make a good effect. When combined with pannier better, it will be more beautiful and perfect.

The production process is complex and often unnecessary decoration, he will transfer the audience's attention on the details of the dress, but not the beautiful bride. dressed especially crowded with great interest recorded skirt damage people. So Europeans and Americans prefer simple and elegant style. Of course, beads, lace, bow-knot and tapes right, is the finishing touch that is important in marriage.

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